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Practical Support for Bible Translation

JAARS exists to help make Bible translation possible even for the most remote communities on earth. We collaborate with our partners to get the practical, day-to-day support they need in the areas of information technology, transportation, and media.

We believe that people’s lives and communities are transformed when they experience God’s Word, the Bible, in their own language.

Determining What’s Needed Most

JAARS works closely with its partners, including SIL International, the Wycliffe Global Alliance, and many local Bible translation organizations worldwide, to determine what is needed most. That means research, analysis, and sometimes visits to the field. For instance, we look into what would be the best way to get Internet access for a remote Bible translation project where electricity is unreliable or even nonexistent and consultant visits are infrequent.


Tiny islands. Roads so flooded, water reaches the windshield. Villages in valleys where only a helicopter can land. Many of the last communities without God’s Word live in the hardest places to reach.

Aviation, Land, and Water Transportation—training, outfitting, R&D, and program design have never been more important.


Today, Bible translation is inseparable from technology. Computers, specialized software, reference libraries, and online backups are part of nearly every day’s work. But many of the last languages live in places without the infrastructure to make use of these tools. No steady power. No Internet access. No tech experts. We need to fill that gap—so every team has the right tools for translation.


In most of the language communities still without God’s Word, writing and reading are extremely rare. Oral communication is what people rely on—and it’s the fastest, most powerful way for them to experience the Gospel. Making this possible: audio players, cell phone apps, websites, videos, and more. Creating these takes training, equipment, studios, and plenty of innovation, all of which we must expand in the days ahead.


Training is critical—especially when the ability to thrive in dangerous, remote and complex situations is a daily mandate. We provide essential preparation for men, women and families to have a sustained technical, spiritual and cross-cultural impact. Key programs include, but aren’t limited to: intercultural communications, aviation pre-field and recurrent training, field IT support and Web development workshops, 4WD/motorbike training and more.

icon5-coreCore Mission

The mission of JAARS: to make Bible translation and language development possible, especially in the most remote and difficult places on earth. We do that by enabling locally appropriate and sustainable solutions in transportation, technology, media, and training.

Why is that important? Because nearly 800 million people still have little-to-no Scripture in the language they understand best—their heart language.

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