Wycliffe Global Alliance is comprised of more than 45 member organizations and more than 60 partner organizations. Its headquarters are in Singapore. The organizations all have a common commitment to God’s mission of reconciliation and the transformation of individuals, communities, and nations.

We believe it is essential that all people have the opportunity to hear, understand, and respond to God’s message in the language that speaks to their minds and hearts.

But approximately one-third of the world’s language communities do not have even one passage of the Bible in their language.

And many of these same people are among the world’s most neglected and overlooked in areas of education, economics, health, cultural preservation, and justice.

Our desire is to see these communities recognized, respected, and flourishing.

Wycliffe Global Alliance collectively serves in advocacy with minority language communities to see God’s Word translated, accessible, and in use. The alliance also facilitates compassionate service among the world’s minority peoples, encouraging sustainable, locally owned initiatives and programs that will help communities thrive.

Multicultural, multinational, creative, and facilitative probably best describe Wycliffe Global Alliance. Their desire is to be flexible enough to serve, under God’s direction, with an increasing number of partners in diverse and ever-changing contexts worldwide.

Wycliffe Global Alliance
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