Business Analyst

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Business Analyst

Position Overview

Do you like to analyze problems? Do you like to see new systems and business processes become a reality? We need experienced business analysts to help us develop services to support the needs of the global Bible Translation Movement.

Inaccurate requirements gathering is an often-cited reason behind project failure. Our projects result in technology and services that help those involved in language development and Bible translation focus on their work. You will work with customers to understand their pain and help to plot a course to their desired future. You will help them determine what they aim to achieve while identifying any incompatibilities that might exist between expectations and reality. You could be the one to help take our organization to a new level of effectiveness.

We are a nonprofit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide. God is doing amazing things through Bible translation and language development. You could join in what God is doing by using your business analysis skills to make an eternal impact: join the movement as a Business Analyst!

Position Responsibilities

• Conduct analyses of existing or proposed business processes and technical solutions
• Understand the needs of all project stakeholders and work accordingly to satisfy them with the appropriate technical/business solutions
• Present data gathering and analysis findings in terminology best understood and interpreted by all stakeholders, making appropriate recommendations for suggested solutions
• Evaluate project life-cycle costs with emphasis placed on operational and maintenance impacts and product/service sustainability
• Lead analysis activities and, as required, supervise the project execution process


Undergraduate degree, or equivalent experience in business analyst, new business development, systems architecture, systems engineering, and/or systems analyst roles


• Three years of experience in information technology, information systems, data management, and/or business management
• Relevant experience in the design, development, and/or integration and test of business applications, packaged and custom software, database systems, dashboards, content management systems, data centers, networks, etc
• Demonstrated competence in technical writing (i.e., functional and performance specifications, associated validation approaches for new information technology and data management systems, project plans, strategic plans, business cases, etc.)
• Business analyst will have relevant experience employing analysis and reporting tools (i.e., stakeholder interviews, focus groups, use cases, stories, prioritization, demonstrations, prototypes, etc.) to help stakeholders understand their requirements and how the end-user is going to experience the result of the project

We are a faith-based nonprofit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide as they build capacity for sustainable language development. Some staff are short- or long-term volunteers, and others are career staff who raise their own salaries from individuals, families, and churches.