Check-IT-Out Conferences

June 30–July 5, 2019
October 18–19, 2019

Do you love technology and software?

Do you ever wonder how they’re used in missions?

Then expand your worldview by attending a Check-IT-Out conference. Discover how technology and software help give people the Bible in a language they clearly understand—thereby reaping eternal significance.

Explore the many ways IT supports Bible translation. Invite a family member, spouse, or co-worker, and share with others involved in technology and software development. During the summer months, the whole family can attend.

  • Hear astonishing stories from translators and support personnel
  • Engage in conversations with IT missionaries
  • Learn about family life on the field
  • Ask questions about what you are learning
  • Interview a staff person via Skype to learn about life and work experience overseas
  • Participate in demonstrations and tours
  • Enjoy networking with fellow attendees
  • Investigate a range of IT, software, and field systems engineering possibilities
  • Discover how you can make an impact—either short-term or as a new career

Don’t miss out on this rewarding opportunity to learn more about the amazing things happening using technology to reach God’s people with his Word.

The Lord used our attendance at Check-IT-Out … to completely break our hearts for Bibleless people everywhere and gave us the confidence in moving forward with using the skills God gave us to grow his kingdom. —David and DeAnna

As a web developer myself, when I initially heard about IT involvement in Bible translation I imagined maybe there was some special word processing software and, of course, infrastructure work to support the organization, but that it was all probably outdated and antiquated.

After spending a week at the Check-IT-Out conference I was blown away to learn of the vast scope of the technology work at hand from software, animation, hardware, web, mobile, etc., and that a lot of what was being done was really cutting-edge and driving enhancements to some major open-source projects.

I would highly recommend a Check-IT-Out conference to anyone with a passion in technology and a desire to put that passion to work for the Lord.


The CIO Vacation Conference was a great experience for our whole family. My husband was energized and excited about the ways that God can use his passion for technology for His glory.

My son loved the MK Station, and the CIO staff were wonderful at presenting the technical information in a way that I could understand it without being an IT professional.

The week was a great balance of information and relaxation. My favorite part was experiencing the community at JAARS and everyone’s love for God and each other there.