Check-IT-Out IT Speakers & Staff

Caryl Mallory
Caryl MalloryDirector of IT Engagement
Caryl served as a missionary in Alaska with Solid Rock Ministries. She has several degrees, including a master of public administration. Her extensive administrative experience is in fields such as nonprofit and government agencies, marketing, public relations, publishing, training, career consulting, and management of volunteers, camps, and parks.

Caryl has been involved with Wycliffe for over 30 years. She now serves as director of IT engagement, coordinating Check-IT-Out conferences, speakers, and vision-casting events, assisting domain coordination, and promoting volunteer opportunities.

Chris Hubbard
Chris HubbardLanguage Software Developer
Chris worked as a software developer for several high tech software companies for 17 years and had a desire to be involved in missions. He attended a Check-IT-Out conference and learned that Bible translation needed people with his skills and experience. Chris and Michelle heard God’s call and joined Wycliffe.

In 2013 Chris and his family moved to the JAARS area, where Chris leads a team of developers who work on WeSay for Linux, a software package for native speakers to build a dictionary in their own language. Michelle is currently a home educator to their five young children.

Corey Wenger
Corey WengerPower Systems Manager
Corey has been serving at JAARS since 1997. With a background in Speech and Signal Processing, he was on software development teams that developed Speech Analyzer, IPA Help, and several other linguistic and translation applications.

Since 2010, Corey has been managing the Power Systems team. The Power Systems team provides power solutions that enable translators around the world to continue working in remote areas, using solar, generator, and battery technology. Corey and his team have developed systems to monitor the power systems they support remotely via the internet. They evaluate emerging alternative power technologies.

Dennis and Patti Garretson
Dennis and Patti GarretsonAviation and Educational Coordinators
Dennis served in the US Navy and received his aviation maintenance training in San Diego, California. Patti graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in social sciences and a teaching credential. They joined Wycliffe in 1976 and served in Ecuador until 1981 when the flight program was phased out.

They worked at JAARS for six years, then in Maluku, Indonesia, for 10. Back at JAARS, Dennis is now coordinator of aviation maintenance training, and Patti is educational and child safety coordinator.

Jim Moore
Jim MooreDirector Product Management, Internet Publishing Initiative
Jim has served in Waxhaw, North Carolina; Singapore; and Manila, Philippines.

Jim has worked in a variety of IT roles for over 26 years: computer technician, service manager, network consultant, programmer analyst, software development manager, Asia area computer support manager, international director of IT mobilization, and IT domain coordinator.

Currently he is working with the Internet Publishing Initiative as the Director of Product Management.

Joanne Shetler
Joanne ShetlerScripture Use Consultant
After hearing God’s call to missions in childhood, Jo studied Christian education and missionary medicine and then joined Wycliffe. She was assigned to the Balangao New Testament translation project.

Her captivating book, And the Word Came with Power, describes how God changed the Balangao for his glory. Many of the former headhunters mentioned in her book have come to the Lord and become active in Christian outreach!

Now with Scripture Engagement International, Jo and coworker Amy West are speakers who present Culture Meets Scripture workshops around the world, helping people use Scripture to transform their lives.

Jon Limmer
Jon LimmerIT Network Systems
Jon served in the US Navy and then in the IT field for over 25 years. Before the first IBM PC was even produced, he purchased the DEC Rainbow, running both CPM and MS-DOS.

At JAARS Jon provides global network and server support: training, network design, troubleshooting, hardware purchase, and configuration. He is also part of an administrative team for the VOIP phone system, and email system, supporting several thousand users worldwide.

Short-term trips he has taken include helping Kenya Bible Translation and Literacy upgrade their network and servers and SIL Papua New Guinea in covering critical network engineering needs.

Julie Limmer
Julie LimmerVernacular Media Specialist
Julie studied education and music, then taught school for many years. After hearing God’s call to missions at a JAARS-sponsored Missions at the Airport event, Julie is now part of a team that travels to some of these and other events to help people engage with Bible translation.

As a vernacular media specialist, she helps Bible translators share the salvation story in local languages through the use of various media, such as video, audio, storytelling, drama, and music.

Mike and Rebecca Navratil
Mike and Rebecca NavratilMedia Services
Mike and Rebecca Navratil served with SIL in Brazil for 28 years. Mike was a jungle pilot and Rebecca served in many support roles as they raised their family of three. They also enjoyed being dorm parents for a number of the translators’ children.

In 2003, the Navratils cross-trained in Vernacular Media. They had planned to use these new skills back in Brazil, but the Lord had a different plan. They work at the JAARS Center—touching the world from Waxhaw! Using today’s technology Mike and Rebecca enjoy being part of a larger team to get the old, old Story into new formats that oral preference societies can engage in.

Nard Pugyao
Nard PugyaoPilot and Speaker
Born in the Philippines, Nard served there and in the United States as a pilot-mechanic. He is now one of our compelling speakers, and shares his fascinating and God-honoring story in recruiting for Wycliffe. Nard resides in Waxhaw.

He says his favorite foods are bilingual goat and bilingual chicken.

Nard realizes that computers have revolutionized the world of Bible translation but feels that God’s Word in a people’s heart language still is the best technology for changing hearts and lives. “It’s God’s technology!”

Phillip Shipley
Phillip ShipleyIT Software Engineering Director
Phillip came to JAARS from Silicon Valley, California, where he worked nearly a decade at a large collaboration software services provider.

He attended Check-It-Out in April 2011 and is now a career member and serving here at JAARS as the director of IT software engineering. His team is responsible for building applications that support the enterprise worldwide.

Although he loves his job, perhaps his favorite thing to do is tell others how God uses every skill available to do His work in missions.

Sheryl Howe
Sheryl HoweDirector of Global Technology and Information Services
Sheryl Howe joined Wycliffe in 2000, intending to work in linguistic software support. She completed linguistics training at GIAL and was assigned to email support at JAARS. She used her linguistic software training during periodic overseas stints to help in various IT departments.

Sheryl was the director of IT infrastructure and is now the director of SIL International Global Technology & Information Services. Sheryl has a BS in Mathematics from the University of Arizona, with a business IT minor. She could also be quite happy being a professional tourist.

Tim & Tara Ellis
Tim & Tara Ellis Manager of Communications & Technical Services / Recruitment Coordinator
Tim and Tara Ellis serve in Papua New Guinea. They have two children: Andrew, 12, and Bekah, 11. They received their first exposure to IT on the mission field at a Check-IT-Out conference in 2010.

Tim has served in a variety of positions within the Communications and Technical Services (CTS) department: hardware repair, telecom, and now manager of the department. He gained his experience in IT, specifically hardware repair and VOIP telephone systems, through 10+ years in the corporate world.

Tara is the recruitment coordinator for the PNG branch. Her passion is connecting people and their God-given giftedness to the wide variety of needs of Bible translation. She appreciates the uniqueness of each person who is part of the team of Bible translation.

The Ellis family has just returned to the US to begin their furlough, and they look forward to sharing how God is moving in PNG.

Additional Speakers Include:
Bryan Wussow, Language Software Development Manager
Todd Langille, Application Services Director
Scott Kohler, Director of Infrastructure
Vicki Hardin, Director of Project Engineering
Corey Wenger, Power Systems Engineering Manager
Kirk Bleavins, Director of Technology and Business Systems
Mark Jenkins, IT Services Manager
Dwayne Emberson, Data Warehouse Specialist
Andy Ott, Wycliffe Recruitment

Other staff are involved, depending on the conference dates.