Next Steps

Do you believe God is calling you to become a career staff person? If so, look at an overview of the process you take. It will be exciting to see how God works as you follow these next steps.

The Process

  1. Contact us at Please be as thorough as possible to give us an accurate understanding of your IT experience and skills.
  2. The appropriate personnel for your country of citizenship will talk with you.
  3. Complete an application and provide the requested references.
  4. Your skills will be assessed with regard to positions to which God might be calling you.
  5. You will receive several assignment options and locations to consider prayerfully.
  6. The field locations’ directors will evaluate how you (and your family) would match their operations.
  7. Invitations may be extended to you.
  8. When you accept an assignment, you will be responsible for developing partners to invest in your ministry both spiritually and financially.
  9. A ministry budget will be developed based on your assignment location.
  10. You may be required to take cross cultural and language acquisition training.
  11. Due to changes in technology and staffing needs, the initial assignment can change, and during your career you may hold a variety of positions in multiple locations.