Partnership Development

A New Partner

When a new name and donation appeared on our monthly income statement, we had no idea who she was. Her donation appeared the next month and every month thereafter. Later, we heard what happened: she saw our newsletter in the kitchen of one of our supporters. She was a member of their church, and had several other connections with them via a bowling league and a Bible study. She had asked to read our newsletter every time our supporters received it. When she began giving to us, she received her own copy of our newsletters. Two years passed before we were able to meet her personally. Now she is a faithful partner.

God Directed

When people who already knew my wife and me heard of our commitment to Bible translation, they approached us to ask how they could get involved. Neither of us ever asked a single person to support us. All felt that God was speaking to them to offer prayer or financial partnership.

Sharing Others’ Needs

An IT missionary spoke to a volunteer group about his job and his heavy workload. He also shared how another person was ready to join the team, but a support-raising deadline was approaching. After the meeting, a woman caught up to him as he was preparing to drive away. She told him that God was leading her to support the other missionary. She still faithfully gives today and even sends extra gifts through her stock dividend payments.

The Gift of Lunch

After my wife and I presented a missions program to several hundred kids at a Christian school, we had lunch at a local restaurant. We had not changed out of our African clothing, so we looked a bit distinctive. Suddenly, a young man approached us and asked if we were missionaries. We told him we were. He shared about his upcoming short-term trip to a sensitive country, and we shared the need for Bible translation. When he left, he gave us money to pay for our lunch.

A Witness

My father, who is not a believer, was highly doubtful that anyone would give me any money for my ministry. The very first time I was invited to present Bible translation at a church, the pastor unexpectedly launched a love offering for me. When I showed my father the money, he was astounded.

Listening to God

A brand new Christian was learning about tithing and giving offerings. When she learned that a friend had become an IT missionary and was raising support, she prayed about what she should give and then sent some money. A few days later she felt God’s correction that she hadn’t sent the whole amount that she initially felt led to give, so she sent the rest. The IT missionary had just received multiple bills, and this timely gift covered them all.

—Thanks to Ken Wienecke for contributing these stories of partnership development.

—What are your stories?

—Thanks to Steve Womack for sharing this Bible study

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