While preparing for a career in IT work that supports Bible translation, you may encounter several types of training:

  • Orientation—may cover vision, history, finances, and paperwork
  • Inter-cultural—helps develop understanding, sensitivity, and respect for other cultures and their people
  • IT training—for those who need to expand their skills, depending on their assignments
  • Linguistics—for those working in software development, computational linguistics, or as a language application consultant or trainer
  • Language training—may consist of language school or tutoring from local citizens
  • Field training—helps the worker (and family) make the cultural transition and learn how to live and thrive in a new location
  • On-the-job—specific to the tools and business practices used by the organization

These require a significant time commitment at the beginning of one’s service, and it is important that both the career staff and their partners understand this.

This training will help you to be successful on the field. It can also help prevent burn out and ease cultural stress of living in a different culture.