There are several ways to give financial support. You can give a general gift, support an individual IT missionary, or give to a particular IT project.

Support an IT Staff Member

Regular financial partners provide for an IT person’s monthly support. Building financial support for ministry takes major effort, and the lack of regular financial support is a major hindrance to staff. Ministry operates remarkably like your own life. The costs vary depending on the assignment location. IT staff pay for:

  • food
  • housing
  • utilities
  • clothing
  • education
  • medical bills
  • equipment
  • newsletters
  • retirement
  • tithing
  • transportation
  • unforeseen events

The average IT career family is supported by a team of 40–70 donors (singles, couples and/or churches). Each donor commits to giving a specific amount of money (based on personal choice) on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, or annually). God himself assembles this team of partners through friends, churches, contacts, and divine appointments that he orchestrates during the IT worker’s partnership development process. Staff live by faith.

One-time financial partners provide one or more individual financial gifts that may help cover:

  • unexpected expenses (health problems, equipment repair, funeral travel)
  • major expected costs (airfare, computer, vehicle)
  • fluctuations in regular income
  • special events (parental visits, attendance at a wedding, a nice dinner date)

Many times the one-time gift comes exactly when the IT missionary needs it! Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Why YOU Should Consider Partnering with an IT Staff Person

In Matthew 28, Jesus gave us his Great Commission. Consider his call: involvement in missions is not optional. His words urgently call each of us to get involved by using our skills, capabilities, and resources for his kingdom. If you are a typical IT specialist, God has been generous to you, giving you education, skills, and income. He asks you to honor him.

If God is calling you, seek out an IT staff person with whom to partner. Being in direct, relational contact with a specific missionary can be very satisfying and spiritually rewarding. Matthew 6:33 is still true: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

As you partner with an IT person, you become a part of the work they do—a member of the team, excited to see each group, for whom Christ died, finally hear God speak in the language he created for them!

How to Give Financial Support

The process of financially partnering with an IT person is fairly simple:

• You can contact a Wycliffe organization and ask about giving once or on a regular schedule to the IT worker of your choice.
• If you do not know a Wycliffe staff person in need of support, you can find one on this Wycliffe staff page.


As an IT professional, you understand the costs of setting up a network, purchasing equipment, getting Internet access, and related items. Others who are unfamiliar with IT operational costs may not understand: the result can be a major funding gap in this critical area.

You could help with a one-time funding opportunity, such as providing a laptop for a local translator. Or you could become a regular donor to an ongoing need, such as satellite Internet access for a translation team. You could even organize your church or professional group to take on part or all of a project.