In addition to prayer and financial support, you can provide practical help by performing special services to an IT staff family. You can help in ways that save time or accomplish things that cannot be done where they live.


  • Help format, print, stuff envelopes, and mail newsletters. It is less expensive to mail from the country where most supporters live.
  • Manage property for an IT family while they are away.
  • Help with regular shipping of a special medicine, sermon tapes, home school supplies, or comfort items. Check with the staff person about duty charges before shipping, and about the best way to be sure items arrive safely.


  • Communicate regularly to help keep the IT staff person updated about family, hometown, or church happenings.
  • Remember special events, like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Family Support

  • Provide free childcare for a few hours or even overnight to refresh your furloughing friends.
  • Assist college-aged children. Often students return to their parents’ home country to continue their education. You can be a second family to these students and introduce them to others in a church or campus group, or invite them to your home for the holidays.


  • Host a get-together to help an IT worker at home on furlough reconnect with people.
  • Provide vacation or getaway housing for times of relaxation and readjustment to the home culture.

IT and Media:

  • Help create or edit a staff person’s website, or keep the site updated.
  • Provide video editing for the IT worker who needs presentation material.


  • Pick up a staff person at the airport.
  • Loan a car to an IT worker during a furlough.

And more!

  • Help with packing in preparation for a move.
  • Provide professional services such as dental work, auto repair, or Internet access.
  • Visit the IT worker’s location for encouragement.