With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may count you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith. —2 Thessalonians 1:11
Every worker is a target for opposition, and the most important way fellow Christians can get involved is to pray. Opposition to Bible translation desperately seeks to hinder IT workers and the support they provide, because many other staff rely on them.

For example, in field locations, final checking and typesetting of the Scriptures halts when a computer suddenly will not boot. A translator loses months of work when a hard drive crashes because the backup was not properly done. A training class is deterred when the remote instructor cannot be reached over the LAN that has gone down. Many times it’s obvious why a critical IT element dies, but sometimes nobody can explain either the cause or the timing of a problem. The only fruitful reaction to the situation is to pray.

Staff say that this is the most important thing they need. Many say that they feel these prayers, and know that it is prayer that keeps them pushing forward to fulfill their call and the Lord’s work.

As a prayer partner you commit to pray regularly for an IT staff person’s work, family, and relationship with God. Most staff send out prayer updates to partners, so ask to be added to your IT partner’s distribution list.

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Ongoing IT-Focused Prayer Needs


  • Many IT specialists, particularly those on furlough or doing critical work from their home country, are seriously underfunded. So pray that God will lead these workers to people who will financially support them—Christian IT professionals, and others with God’s vision for completing the Bible translation task.


  • As in any situation where many people are working together on major projects, team members sometimes disagree. If not handled well, division over platforms, methods, functionality, and personalities could hinder Bible translation. Pray that God’s Spirit would constantly move among staff, that they would be sensitive to his purposes.
  • Pray for good relationships with their co-workers and those they serve.


  • When staff are underfunded, they must stop work and find new partners, which often involves travel. During their required breaks, coworkers must handle the extra workload. Pray for strength and wisdom.
  • Pray that staff will find a healthy balance between work and family.


  • An IT professional has heavy responsibilities: prioritizing daily tasks and accomplishing those tasks with limited resources. Pray for wisdom, patience, and endurance.


  • Praise God for the way technology has quicken the pace of Bible translation.
  • Pray for God’s provision of appropriate hardware, software, power, and connectivity.
  • Wisdom for leaders who manage current projects and evaluate future needs.

Research, Development, Purchasing

  • As technology usage varies internationally, pray for wisdom and insight regarding decisions about the research, development, and purchase of equipment, software, and new technologies for Bible translation.


  • Ask God to provide the new IT staff needed and the hundreds of new partners required to support them.
  • For staff, events, and publications which promote the ministry and announce open positions.
  • Wisdom, creativity, and perseverance for technical teams working on software development, network productivity and security, hardware maintenance, technology training, and the host of other duties related to the use of technology in Bible translation. Pray for strength and energy as these professionals provide ongoing IT support and assistance.

IT Support

  • Pray for IT help desk staff who troubleshoot hardware and software problems for staff around the world. Especially pray for learning, listening, and diagnostic skills for these experts.


  • Pray for staff as they make design changes and corrections to applications that help meet the needs of translators in challenging language projects.
  • Help for our software testers to find significant issues early on, and communicate well.
  • Wisdom on priority and design decisions week by week for each software project.
  • For staff developing mobile applications for use in language acquisition on the field.
  • Provision of User Experience Designers to join the software teams.
  • Wycliffe Global Alliance organizations use computers to receipt funds, communicate to donors, track work and personnel, manage finances, and a host of other necessary functions, therefore, pray for the staff who design, write, test, and improve these software programs.

Networking, Internet

  • For the global staff who manage network, email, and database administration.
  • Staff who respond 24/7 to network issues to sense God’s presence as they solve complex and critical problems.
  • God’s protection over the information on networks and the web.
  • Protection over the intranet and wiki that help us more effectively share information and collaborate.
  • Keeping websites up and running can be a challenge. For example, websites must be maintained, updated and kept full of relevant information. Pray for this important and time-consuming work.
  • For relationships with other companies and consultants, that they would see God at work.

Project Management

  • For project management staff as they oversee a variety of crucial projects. Ask the Lord to give them wisdom in prioritizing projects.
  • Creativity and discernment in analyzing needs of various departments.
  • Clarity and unity of thought and communication.

Pray for Personal Needs

  • That they continue to spend personal time in prayer and fellowship with the Lord.
  • To grow closer to Him.
  • For energy and enthusiasm in their work.
  • God’s wisdom, creativity, and comfort in the face of frustrations and setbacks.
  • Favor with the local people and leaders.
  • Health; to be healed if sick and to stay healthy and for times of refreshing.
  • Physical protection by a host of mighty angels.
  • Pray against the powers of spiritual darkness that would try to overtake them with discouragement, depression, and loneliness.
  • For physical protection.
  • Pray for their spiritual well-being; that they would daily stand firm in the armor of God; put their confidence in God and experience His peace and strength.
  • That they use the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, to take every thought from the enemy captive.

Additional Prayer Opportunities

We invite you to pray for general requests about Bible translation on these sites: