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Browse through these IT jobs and see if something interests you! These are just a few of the many staff needs.
Next, complete the IT Skills Questionnaire, which you can access above, and tell us where you are interested in serving.

You may also at some point be submitting a Volunteer or Employment Application and references. If these are already on file with either JAARS or Wycliffe, please let us know. We will connect you with staff who will help with your next step.

Volunteers need to have a heart for Bible translation. Onsite volunteers must:

  • be in good health and have adequate health insurance
  • cover living expenses
  • comply with country and organization’s rules and requirements

Description—Do you have a passion for helping people solve computer problems? Do you like to interact with people? Would you like to use that skill to further Bible translation?

Join the team at JAARS serving Wycliffe, SIL, and affiliated organizations and use your skills to make an eternal impact as part of the global Bible translation movement!

We track and route requests between support technicians who troubleshoot a broad range of problems, often helping multiple people at the same time.

Hours—Full-time ideally; 30 hours per week required for volunteers

Time commitment—One year minimum. If returning annually, then six months may work, depending on skills.

Required skills—Minimum two years of experience in IT-support-related positions. You need to enjoy helping people, have good troubleshooting experience, an interest in learning new things, strong teamwork skills, and demonstrate a professional and courteous rapport with the people you serve.

Remote work—No

Special language skills required—English; other language skills may be helpful, but are not necessary

LocationJAARS, Waxhaw, North Carolina

Costs—Volunteer provides own health insurance and pays transportation, food, housing

Description—We’re looking for an individual who loves helping people move toward independence. If you thrive on helping people, love troubleshooting technical issues, enjoy learning new things, and easily establish trust with new people, then you could be the one we’re looking for!

We serve approximately 800 computers used by staff at the JAARS campus.

We are a nonprofit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide. God is doing amazing things through Bible translation and language development. You could join in what God is doing by using your technology support skills to make an eternal impact.

Hours—Full-time ideally; 30 hours per week required for volunteers

Time commitment—One year minimum. If returning annually, then six months may work, depending on skills.

Required skills—Minimum two years of experience in IT-support-related positions. You need to enjoy helping people, have good troubleshooting experience, strong teamwork skills, and a professional and courteous rapport with the people you serve.

Remote work—No

Special language skills required—English; other language skills may be helpful, but are not necessary

LocationJAARS, Waxhaw, North Carolina

Costs—Volunteer provides own health insurance and pays transportation, food, housing

DescriptionUrgent need in Chad

Chad also needs several other IT positions filled.

The IT Manager/Network Administrator position is central to the successful functioning of SIL Chad. If a wide variety of responsibilities in a challenging and eclectic setting would interest you, please contact us for more details. Chad is partly in the Sahara desert with savannah in the north and grasslands in the south. As varied as the geographical locations are Chad’s people, languages and cultures. Of the 130 languages in Chad, more than half are as yet unwritten and work is ongoing in many others.

SIL Chad needs people who are willing to live and work under hard climatic and lifestyle conditions to enable these language groups to learn to read and write, and be able to have the Word of God in their heart language. Pray and consider joining us in reaching out to the many still waiting to hear.

The person in this position will:

  • Provide leadership to all IT operations which reflect industry best practices.
  • Manage the daily operational details of the department, which include systems management, training, and project oversight.
  • Provide servant leadership of the IT team, encouraging staff members to high level of performance.
  • Maintain and update local area network hardware, software, and telecommunications services.
  • Create and implement policies and procedures related to network hardware and software acquisition, use, support, security, and backup.
  • Establish and maintain network users, user environment, directories, and security.
  • Train users on software and equipment.

Required skills—a decent amount of computer experience and an aptitude for researching and resolving computer problems

Special language skills required—Chad is a French-speaking country and at minimum a basic knowledge of French will be needed. For long-term staff, good proficiency is needed.

Time commitment—3–6 months or longer

Costs—volunteer or supported staff person covers all travel, food, lodging, etc.


Remote—Not possible

Network Engineer:

Description—Establish and maintain network user accounts and security. Research and evaluate new technologies. Install and test new software and upgrades.

Responsibilities—Manage the operation of the local area network by overseeing network resources, ensuring network security, performing regular backup and maintenance tasks, recovering data when necessary, installing and configuring new equipment, and performing system upgrades. New equipment may include personal computers, printers, servers, routers, bridges, switches, firewalls and cabling. Work with the internet service provider to ensure reliable service. Respond to the needs and questions of network users concerning their access to resources on the network. Communicate with other departments to report and resolve software, hardware, and operational problems. Monitor network traffic and server utilization and makes necessary recommendations for additional resources or hardware. Develop and implement disaster recovery procedures.

Time commitment—12 months

Location—Papua New Guinea, on-site only


Software Development Engineer

Description—Design, develop and test custom software geared for administrative applications to meet user needs. Support and upgrade existing custom applications.

Responsibilities—Design, specify, code, test, debug and maintain new and existing applications. Write user documentation and technical reference documentation for the application. Keep abreast with current computer system technology. Analyze software needs by consulting with administrators and users. Responsible to analyze, plan and design applications to meet customer needs. Design and conduct a variety of tests to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the final product. Work with team members who are remote as well as local.

Time commitment—6 months

Location—Papua New Guinea, on-site only

Description—We help global Bible translation teams build Scripture publication websites and distribute Scripture in various media forms via the Internet and mobile devices. You can work from home on your schedule. We need self-starters who feel comfortable working in virtual teams. Personnel needs include:

  • Drupal Developers—Work on a Drupal-based system to develop new features and maintain current ones. Need to have experience with Drupal (or a similar CMS) and some programming experience (PHP preferred, JavaScript also useful).
  • Phone App Developers—For several platforms: iPhone (objective C is the development language), Android (Java and some C), Windows 8, Java ME, Blackberry.
  • Documentation Writers—Expand system documentation for ourselves and our users.
  • Volunteer Coordinator—A people person to connect with potential volunteers, follow up and determine selections for various positions.
  • Client Services—We need reliable people for this critical role. No specific programming skills required. Be the first point of contact for translation teams. Answer questions from translation teams building Scripture publication sites with our system, and forward more complex issues to other parts of the team.

Time commitment—Varies. Some projects have very specific output and duration. Other projects may require a longer commitment.

Hours—Ten hours per week minimum.

Language skills—English. Other languages are helpful.

Costs—Worker supplies own computer. Organization provides specific software and equipment for project.

Location—All project work is remote, no travel needed!

Description—Volunteer(s) needed to develop a website for a Short Term Mission training course, in consultation with the course developers based in Dallas, Texas at Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL).

It is estimated that nearly 2 billion dollars a year is spent in North America on short-term mission (STM) trips with nearly 1.5 million North Americans participating in such trips. Despite the enormous participation and allocation of funds, very few people receive quality cross-cultural training before leaving for their respective fields. As a result, STM participants often conduct themselves inappropriately and disrespectfully in the host country.

To fill the gap in training, GIAL is developing an online course that will provide STM participants with important cross-cultural knowledge. It is anticipated that such a course will enhance the experience of the goer and the experience of the receiver.

Additionally, developers anticipate that the course will enhance the likelihood that STM participants will be interested in careers as long-term missionaries, and foresee that the course will provide a needed revenue stream for GIAL. Overall, this course will play a role in providing better stewardship for the billions of dollars being spent on STM trips each year.

About the consultation—Course developers are open to suggestions and recommendations on how to best offer this course online—and in fact have many questions regarding how to do so.

Required IT Skills—Web development. The site will make use of numerous videos.

Additional helpful skills—Video editing (not required)

Special language skills required—Proficiency in English

Desired completion date—Contact for status of development.

Time commitment—10–15 hours a month for consulting; 10 hours a week for site development.

Remote work—Yes

Measurement of success—When the website can be used as the platform for the online course

Costs—GIAL has a small budget to cover costs for website hosting and/or domain registration. Money could also be used to cover transportation, lodging and food costs if a face-to-face meeting was deemed necessary.

This website aims to provide simple solutions for IT field staff who require low maintenance, low investment, and low bandwidth. It enables colleagues to share solutions in IT support that have helped them to succeed in similar environments. As a volunteer you can sign up and receive email updates on the groups you are interested in helping.

Explore our software development team’s website.

These SIL International open source groups are seeking additional help:

Investigate the paid openings at Faith Comes by Hearing

Front-End Web Applications Developer

Are you interested in using your talents for ministry? Faith Comes by Hearing has a full-time position available for a Front-End Web Applications Developer with top-notch programming skills and experience.

Responsibilities include:
• Create, modify, debug, and maintain front-end code for various websites and web applications
• Evaluate existing application architecture and propose enhancements
• Write technical documentation for various web projects
• Assist with search engine optimization (SEO) for various websites
• Assist with domain renewals and DNS record updates
• Coordinate, build, and send email campaigns as directed
• Wire framing and prototyping mock designs
• Join team meetings to discuss and brainstorm project objectives
• Implement campaign tracking as directed
• Ensure all web-based efforts work consistently across all devices and browsers
• Ensure all media assets are consistently formatted and optimized for web

The Seed Company, an affiliate of Wycliffe USA, is a faith-based nonprofit organization providing support services and resources to people serving language communities worldwide for the goal of sustainable language development.

We’re Hiring.Fill out the online form for more information and to apply.

Senior IT Administrator
You will keep office technology and all end-users working with as much uptime as possible, and with minimal interruptions from technology issues.
Location: Arlington, TX
Paid Position
Job Responsibilities:
Serve as a role model for other IT Administrators
Support office and remote staff in a Mac and Windows environment
Troubleshoot hardware, software, and network issues for end users
Be available to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of the business
Install and support technology for end users (hardware, software, and licenses)
Install, maintain, and support office technology in conference rooms, office visuals, web meetings, VoIP system, and A/V (digital signage, projectors, Apple TVs, etc)
Manage internal networking equipment including servers, switches, and local VMs
Provide end user A/V support during critical meetings and webinars as needed
Job Qualifications:
BS in Computer Science or related field and 5+ years experience
Affable personality with a desire to help customers with their needs
Prior experience with Mac, Windows, Microsoft Exchange, iOS, and A/V technology
Experience with troubleshooting end-user technology issues quickly and effectively
Ability to come to a resolution even when no immediate solution is present
Bonus Points:
Strong understanding of technology trends and ability to apply at TSCO
Build relationships with IT vendors to ensure excellent level of service

Infrastructure & Security Engineer
You will support the next phase of our infrastructure as we move into a cloud-based environment, oversee day-to-day operation of infrastructure and security, and create and maintain automation scripts for spinning up servers and containers for testing and deployment.
Location: Arlington, TX
Paid Position
Job Responsibilities:
Own and oversee our global cloud infrastructure
Oversee transition plan to migrate infrastructure to the AWS cloud
Implement and oversee overall Information Security strategy
Annual testing of DR plan and ongoing vulnerability/penetration testing of all systems
Implement and oversee an enterprise-wide monitoring solution
Implement measures to protect data and monitor compliance with security standards
Assist with architecting hardware and software solutions for business requirements
Oversee the spinning up of servers and containers for testing and deployment
Work with DevOps team to build, maintain, and scale all systems
Oversee and reconcile ongoing technology expenses
Job Qualifications:
BS in Computer Science or related field and 3–5 years experience
Experience with LAMP or MEAN stack, Linux system administration, and scripting
Experience with Docker and automation tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc
Strong background in networking, operating systems, and security
Strong understanding of network principles of the internet such as DNS, HTTP, and SSL
Bonus Points:
You are a shell scripting ninja and have prior experience with CI and CD
Experience with cloud deployed applications using AWS

The following locations all accept volunteers and members to serve. A few paid positions may also be advertised on these sites.

Time commitment—On the JAARS Center, short- or long-term volunteers make up 54% of the staff. Many times, if a volunteer can only come for a couple of weeks, it is difficult to find an IT position. It is easier to place you for a month or more. Placement depends upon your skills. For terms shorter than a month, many other areas of service are available.

Costs—All volunteers supply their own housing, food, and travel, and must have health insurance.

Wycliffe membership is always encouraged. A member is able to raise support through individuals and churches. A Wycliffe member may be seconded to JAARS, SIL, or other organizations throughout world.

The following organizations all accept volunteers and members to serve. A few paid positions may also be advertised on these sites.

Wycliffe USA – Network Systems Administrator

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Summary: Network Server Administrator must possess strong problem-solving, analytical and communication skills in addition to in-depth technical knowledge of Windows server networking, systems, hardware, and software


Install operating system software, patches and upgrades.

Analyze, troubleshoot, and resolve system hardware, software, and networking issues.

Configure, optimize, fine-tune, and monitor operating system software and servers.

Perform system backups and recovery.

Conduct server builds.

Minimum Skill Sets:

Proficiency with Windows server administration.

Ability to design and maintain complex automated processes.

Experience with network design, monitoring, and configuration.

SQL system administration experience preferred but not required.

Education & Experience:

A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is preferable but Associate’s degree or technical training certificate will be considered. Required to have three to five years of experience working with Windows servers and Microsoft networks.

IT Jobs

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