Christians today understand how critical IT is to their own churches, businesses, and lives, but they often underestimate the need for professional IT support in missions. Perhaps God is calling you to be an advocate for this work.

You can complement the work by actively promoting it. A few individuals can make a tremendous difference by educating churches about the key role technology plays in Bible translation.

What You Can Do as an Advocate

  • Look for opportunities to introduce IT in missions to your family, church, coworkers, club, professional organization, and online networks.
  • Keep expanding your knowledge and experience through involvements such as center visits, prayer, reading, and talking with staff.
  • Refer IT inquirers to us so we can give them information and connect them with appropriate staff.
  • Arrange for IT missionaries to make presentations to your local groups. (For example, organize a dessert night for the IT professionals in your church or workplace.)
  • Communicate IT-specific service and giving opportunities (such as projects, specific needs, and trips) to people you know.
  • Stay current and share with others about various Wycliffe-related websites, staff blogs, and social media.

Media and Resources

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