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IT Skills Questionnaire

Wondering how your technology skills match up with Bible translation needs? Want to explore further without making a commitment?

First, read through this site, and understand that almost all positions are volunteer or funded by you raising support. Almost all technology positions require a month or more on site. Software development requires several months or more. You will work through the organization of your country of citizenship. To work in the US, you must have the required legal status.

Fill out our IT Skills Questionnaire and help us connect your expertise with possible ministry opportunities. You will submit your technical background information by answering a series of questions and uploading your résumé or CV. Your information is shared only with appropriate staff.

The Basics

  • You will first select one or more types of involvement that interest you, and then choose one or more skill areas.
  • These choices determine the questions you receive. Some questions allow multiple answers.
  • Please answer thoroughly.
  • Every question you complete is immediately saved.
  • Include your résumé or CV to highlight additional strengths of your professional life and experience.
  • A photo (optional) helps us relate to and remember you.
  • At the end, you will have an opportunity to make comments or pose questions.
  • Remember to click the DONE button, since this notifies us to review your completed IT Skills Questionnaire.
  • We will notify the appropriate Bible translation organization(s) of your interest, and they will respond to you, either by email or by phone.


  • Note your email, username, and password, and bookmark the URL.
  • You do not have to finish in a single session. Just log back in later and go to the sections you have not completed.
  • If you acquire new skills or interests, or complete further training, please update your IT Skills Questionnaire, and be sure to click the DONE button again when you are done.