IT Network Administrator

Position Overview

We are looking for an IT Network Administrator to help us provide the necessary technical support for our center network servers and related equipment to ensure that the center operates at maximum efficiency.

We are a faith-based nonprofit organization who, for more than 35 years, has pioneered the use of technology to speed translation and meet the technology needs of translators and support personnel.

We provide a wide range of services such as:

  • Network infrastructure and server administration
  • Solutions for satellite and radio communications
  • Creative power solutions
  • Enterprise web applications

If you believe, as we do, that all languages are of value, form an integral part of peoples’ identity and have the potential to serve them in a rapidly changing world, then you can be part of a team serving minority language communities worldwide.

Position Responsibilities

  • Design, develop, and deploy local area network hardware, software, and telecommunications services
  • Create and implement policies and procedures related to network hardware and software acquisition, use, support, security, and backup
  • Establish and maintain network users, user environment, directories, and security
  • Train users on software and equipment
  • Consult with others to develop system solutions consistent with organizational objectives


Bachelor’s degree in MIS, Business, or related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience


  • Competencies in MS Office applications and/or Open Office
  • Previous multicultural experience helpful
We are a faith-based nonprofit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide as they build capacity for sustainable language development. Some staff are short- or long-term volunteers, and others are career staff who raise their own salaries from individuals, families, and churches.