Language Technology Coordinator


  • Promote awareness of available language technology.
  • Coordinate the training and support of field teams in its use in order to assure a high level of efficiency among field teams and to guarantee high quality outcomes.


  • Coordinate activity in the language technology domain.
  • Ensure that language program strategy decisions are informed by new technology directions.
  • Proactively identify language technology training needs and organizes training and support.
  • Assign particular responsibilities to language technology staff in consultation with the leadership.
  • Recommend individuals for appointment as language technology consultants.
  • Interact closely with other language technology coordinators.
  • Coordinate or teach in local or area language technology workshops.


  • Experience working in a language program is preferable, but must at least be familiar with the field methods in use in language programs in order to be able to recommend the appropriate tools and training at each stage.
  • Language technology coordinator must be a capable manager with skills in planning and logistics.
  • Recommended B.A. for entity coordinator, M.A. for area or international coordinator.
We are a faith-based nonprofit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide as they build capacity for sustainable language development. Some staff are short- or long-term volunteers, and others are career missionaries who raise their own salaries from individuals, families, and churches.