Language Technology Specialist


  • Provide training and support for language technology in order to maximize the efficiency of field teams and guarantee high quality outcomes.


  • Become familiar with the current recommended language technology software.
  • Install and configure current recommended language software, and train users in that software.
  • Provide ongoing user support for a positive experience in the use of recommended language software.
  • Guide language programs according to the best practices in language technology use.
  • Clearly report bugs and issues encountered back to the software developers or to the Area Language Technology Coordinator.


  • Completion of secondary school (high school diploma or BAC) or equivalent.
  • Two years or more experience using computers and a strong familiarity with computer concepts.
  • Experience working in a language program is preferable, but must at least be familiar with the field methods in use in language programs.
  • Previous multicultural experience helpful for the language technology specialist.
We are a faith-based nonprofit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide as they build capacity for sustainable language development. Some staff are short- or long-term volunteers, and others are career missionaries who raise their own salaries from individuals, families, and churches.