IT Support Specialist

Position Overview

Are you an enthusiastic IT Professional looking to use your skills to make an eternal impact? Are you able to deal with a broad range of problems, often helping multiple people at the same time? Would you like to create support articles and build relationships with global IT staff?

We’re looking for an individual who loves helping people move toward independence. If you thrive on helping people, love troubleshooting technical issues, enjoy learning new things, and easily establish trust with new people, then you could be the one we’re looking for!

We are a nonprofit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide. God is doing amazing things through Bible translation and language development. You could join in what God is doing by using your technology support skills to make an eternal impact: join the movement as an IT support specialist!

Position Responsibilities

  • Prioritize problems and schedule sessions to address them; escalate problems appropriately
  • Identify and learn appropriate supported application and technology in use in the supported customer base
  • Develop and provide resources for end users and/or other IT staff engaged in supporting end users
  • Perform testing to ensure changes or new applications meet non-technical customer needs
  • Evaluate documented resolutions and analyze trends looking for ways to prevent future problems


Associate, undergraduate, and/or graduate degree in telecommunications, computer science or related field of study, or equivalent experience in relevant IT support roles


  • 2–3 years of relevant IT experience
  • Customer service experience preferred
We are a faith-based nonprofit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide as they build capacity for sustainable language development. Some staff are short- or long-term volunteers, and others are career staff who raise their own salaries from individuals, families, and churches.
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