Systems Integrator

Position Overview

Do you enjoy integrating new technology solutions? Do you have a background in systems design, development and testing? Would you like to use your skills to further Bible translation?

If you join us, you will be working with a team of professional developers and engineers to build and implement new solutions. You will be collaborating with people around the world who have a passion to use computers and technology to meet needs often in remote places. Part of your role will be to ensure that the individual components which make up a solution work well together, in some cases building the “glue” between different software and systems, or focusing on hardware integration. These interfaces are validated through systems testing and feedback from pilot users, as you develop robust reliable solutions.

We are a nonprofit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide. God is doing amazing things through Bible translation and language development. You could join in what God is doing by using your IT skills to make an eternal impact: join the movement as a systems integrator!

Position Responsibilities

  • Work with others to develop new solutions, with a focus on the integration points between various pieces of technology which make up the final product
  • Build use cases for the product and identify extreme environmental conditions, then develop improvements to mitigate rugged conditions
  • Assist with system testing and load testing phases to identify design weaknesses and enhancements to improve durability
  • Manage the initial deployment to pilot users and solicit their feedback for improvements and refinements for the production solution
  • Manage the system life cycle for implementation, upgrades and maintenance, through the eventual retirement of the solution
  • Participate in evaluation of software and services to identify and understand integration capabilities and sustainability factors in an ever evolving ecosystem


Undergraduate degree in computer science, systems engineering, systems analysis, electrical engineering; or equivalent experience in relevant systems integration roles


4+ years in software development or engineering field


We are a faith-based nonprofit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide as they build capacity for sustainable language development. Some staff are short- or long-term volunteers, and others are career staff who raise their own salaries from individuals, families, and churches.
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