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Field Systems Engineering

This team’s job is to:

  • Focus on getting technology into field settings
  • Research cost-effective, sustainable solutions
  • Help field personnel maintain existing equipment
  • Help train field workers in areas of technology
  • Install or upgrade equipment in field sites
  • Provide consultation with field teams on projects

Products and services:

  • Internet via satellite (VSAT, BGAN systems)
  • Solar power
  • Generator and battery backup
  • Network and power systems monitoring
  • Voice and data communications via radio
  • Satellite phone consulting and support
  • Long range Wi-Fi consulting
  • Network design, consulting, and troubleshooting
  • Purchase of solar power equipment and BGAN personal Internet modems

Technical Challenges

A translator lives in a remote location in Papua New Guinea that has no electricity, so he is unable to operate his computer or even lights. His village depends on a boat that arrives monthly to provide supplies and transportation. How can he give his people God’s Word in their heart language? He lacks the resources to do translation while living in his village.

This is where field systems engineering teams step in. They work to find appropriate, attainable, locally maintainable power, network, and communication solutions.


So what about that translator in a remote location?

A field systems engineering team gathered information—such as how many hours of sun the area receives and what the power needs were—and determined the number and type of solar panels needed.

A firewall was customized to block software updates and to specify who can send email. Then the translation software was installed with backup protocols.

Finally, an inverter to store solar power and a BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) satellite terminal completed the equipment for the project. The translator was then taught how to use the netbook and BGAN. He now has the means to work from his remote village location, send his daily work, and receive recommendations and help from a translation consultant. Bible translation into this heart language can now advance.