Network Infrastructure

Network, System, and Application Administration Services Provided

  • Maintain server and network equipment, and wired and wireless connectivity
  • Implement security measures, including anti-virus deployment and monitoring of outbound and inbound Internet traffic
  • Manage the single-sign-on (SSO) environment
  • Manage user access: accounts and access controls
  • Backup and recover critical data
  • Content filtering for email and web browsing
  • Offer VPN access service for remote staff
  • Administer and manage email
  • Deploy and maintain operating systems and applications
  • Network field consultation: design and equipment recommendations/specifications
  • Provide and maintain application licenses


  • Research and purchase appropriate IT equipment
  • Troubleshoot, replace, and repair
  • Give hardware and software recommendations
  • Transfer data from old to new computers
  • Maintain equipment database and inventory

Help Desk

  • Troubleshoot and resolve computer problems on-site or remotely
  • Continually develop knowledge data base
  • Answer user questions
  • Provide assistance with software products purchased and deployed by IT on a center

Behind the Scenes

When IT infrastructure runs well, Bible translators and related staff enjoy and appreciate systems that work reliably, efficiently, and unobtrusively. Reaching that goal takes time and effort invested by IT infrastructure professionals.

System administrators take responsibility for the smooth operation of a clutch of servers that run the applications Bible translators use every day. They invest their careers doing their best to further the efforts of Bible translators. Part of their job is to follow processes and procedures and fine-tune them to avoid service interruptions. When a system page is received, the admin quickly responds and makes adjustments to ensure no, or minimal, interruptions to the service.

System administrators keep themselves current by paying attention to the IT marketplace, looking for ways to improve and enhance the underlying IT infrastructure. Few people know all the tasks that take place behind the scenes—and the admin is hoping it stays that way. When the job is done well, users do not even realize the admin exists.

IT Operations Scenario

A group of people and churches in a country come together, create a Wycliffe organization, and find a location for their operations. They need technology to process applications, receive donations, track budgets, and carry on multiple office services. But what technology infrastructure will power and serve them best? IT operations excels in defining solutions for this kind of scenario.