Platform Services

The platform services group assists global personnel by providing help desk, wiki, user education, and other services, as well as training in a number of formats. Their goal is to be available to listen to and answer questions and concerns related to technology and information.

Services We Provide

  • Liaisons represent areas where language work is being done
  • Oversight of the global help desk—a resource shared among multiple IT support teams, which will:
    • monitor solution activity to verify that requests are being resolved promptly and properly, and receive and monitor customer feedback
    • create documentation, including training materials, for technicians and regularly communicate updates, tips, best practices, and more
    • oversee the knowledge base, including monitoring the inclusion of solution documents and training technicians to optimally use them
    • assess requests for hardware or software assistance by walk-in users and determine if they need training to reduce the number of requests
  • The User Education Center with multiple types of training files for each of the Insite systems
  • Information centers where entities and partners can highlight and share information
  • Collaboration Wiki for work or project discussions of interest, storage of information, and coordination of work processes
  • User support for the main parts of the Insite intranet, such as the home page, my information, and email distribution lists

Help Desk System

The help desk staff realized their current system for serving the global Bible translation movement was inadequate and inefficient.

A committee of stakeholders determined what system features staff required, desired, suggested, and expressed interest in.

After extensive research and setup of the software system, the customer advocacy team now oversees and monitors these functions


Various Bible translation organizations need to work more collaboratively, which resulted in the creation of an enterprise information system with three main sections called Insite.

The first section is the information hub for partners of the Wycliffe Global Alliance and SIL International. They access organizational charts, news, people, positions, calendars, training, and other information there. Insite also contains resources such as country profiles, photos, publicity guidelines, a repository for electronic archiving and publishing, history records, world prayer network, language information, groups, and maps.

The second section is a collaborative wiki space, a “workroom” where users can participate in online collaboration activities—sharing and discussing concepts, policies, procedures, and more. Users can easily edit and comment on the wiki’s webpages, which are organized into about 200 spaces.

The third major section is the information center where entities and organizations provide a place for departments and specialty groups to post information for sharing among Wycliffe and SIL partner organizations. Members log into the Insite system from around the world and search the work placed in the information center, which is automatically shared and backed up.