Project Management

Project managers use the browser-based JIRA system to track project requests that come in from around the world. Using a Confluence wiki product, they collaborate on project requirements, review and approve charters, plans, and other deliverables, and track project performance.

A wiki and a JIRA tracking system are integrated, allowing the wiki to display data stored in JIRA. The status of projects is reported to leadership through the wiki.

Project managers focus on meeting the stakeholders’ expected benefits, not just on completing the project in scope, on time, and within budget. They also are dedicated to bringing together and optimizing the resources necessary to deliver solutions that delight. God’s work demands nothing less.

Services Provided

  • Portfolio management of project demand (operational demand is not provided)
  • Project management of qualified projects
  • Capture customer requirements and expectations prior to the start of a project
  • Project planning, analysis, and other project initiation assistance
  • Standardization and sharing of the portfolio and project management methodology and associated processes


The alliance of organizations that support Bible translation share project management resources. At Wycliffe USA headquarters the staff needed both an Oracle upgrade and to cut expenses. The project management team and the Wycliffe staff accomplished these goals by working together to upgrade the system. They also cut expenses by removing some licenses.

Congo Project

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, staff desperately needed a power system and Internet access to continue translation and administrative duties. They worked with project managers to develop a plan and research the resources necessary to implement it.

The team searched for parts in the United States and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and determined who could install the power system (solar panels and batteries) and VSAT (very small aperture terminal) satellite dish.

Finally, they ordered parts and had them shipped in time for the staff to put the systems in place. The project manager guided the entire process and a manual was developed to save time when similar needs arise.